NWSC Frustrating Locals

A change of water suppliers has not changed Luweero’s fortunes. Luweero residents can only expect piped water supply four hours a day. water

The Luweero water supplier is National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC). NWSC took over water supply for Luweero, Wobulenzi and Bombo four months ago from Trandit Limited.

Trandit Limited’s contract ended in November 2013 and it was not renewed. Residents had long complained of Trandit Limited’s poor water supply.

However, now water is only available deep in the night between 12.am-4.am. During the day water supply does not usually last more than two hours.

Joy Nasaazi, a market vendor along Kasiiso road, says that by the time she comes home at 7pm, there is no water. She is afraid to get out of her house in the night to fetch water when it starts flowing.

Joseph Kitudde, a Mechanic at Musooba’s Garage at Kasana, says he sometimes forgets to watch up in the night to fetch water. Sometimes the mechanic is just too tired.

Ronald Kisakye, the manager of NWSC Luweero area, admits the area receives intermittent water supply.

He however, explains that in the next two months they will construct 4 generator powered boreholes at a tune of 300m. Each town Luweero and Wobulenzi will have two and these will help pump water into the main tanks for constant water supply.

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