NTV’s Kisti To Drop A Tot

NTV Uganda Login presenter Robin Kisti is set to welcome her first child anytime from now.

Robin Kisti
Robin Kisti

The motor mouthed presenter who also has fake American accent did not appear on the previous NTV Login show since her maternity leave had taken effect.

A new and equally beautiful girl known as Annie presented the show on behalf of Kisti.

The News of her being on leave were also confirmed by the statement that was posted on the NTV login Facebook page

Hello guys, i hope you are all good and ready for the show tonight. Just to keep you updated, tonight you will be seeing a new face on the show tonight.

As you all know Kisti is pregnant and is going on leave to get ready for her first child, however she will be back onto your screens after her leave.

The new lady is known as Annie, so please give her your support, as she is equally beautiful and a bubbly girl. We thank you for watching the show and will keep bringing you the best shows in town!

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