Youth Leaders Condemn Arrest Of Amama Supporters

Ugandan Youth leaders across the political divide and civil society on Thursday came together in an act of solidarity to condemn what they called harassment of NRM youth.

The Youth stressed that the arrest of the NRM youth is not good for the country and are asking that Uganda has a sober discussion on political transition which is not criminal.

Helena Okiring of the Uganda Youth Network, says the ongoing differences within the NRM is just part of nature since natural justice dictates that an old regime must leave and a new one comes in.

According to Akullo, a general inquiry file was opened by intelligence officers adding that, the file is still under inquiry.
According to Akullo, a general inquiry file was opened by intelligence officers adding that, the file is still under inquiry.

However Okiring argues that how a constructive discussion is held is the question and what the young people of the youth are doing is symbolic because change is inevitable.

In March some NRM youth who support the Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi were arrested and two of them Omodo Omodo the national Vice Chairperson of the northern region NRM youth league and Adam Luzinda Buyinza the National Vice chairperson of the NRM youth league Kampala were arrested and remanded to Luzira prison. They were released on bail on Wednesday.

On Wednesday this week in a defence committee meeting in Parliament the Inspector General of Police Maj Gen Kale Kayihura said they arrested the youth leaders after receiving intelligence reports.

According to the IGP youth groups had with terrorism tendencies moving around Rubaga division and upon investigations which are still ongoing they discovered much more information.

The youth were allegedly bribing people as they collected signatures and in some cases were confrontational.

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi was also implicated
Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi was also implicated

However, Okiring says the youth are only painting a picture of what they see from their party leaders so the State cannot condemn them for alleged bribery.

Andrew Karamagi, from the civil society, says they want to show the country the crisis it is facing does not affect just youth from FDC, DP, NRM, UPC and civil society but as youth of Uganda.

5 thoughts on “Youth Leaders Condemn Arrest Of Amama Supporters

  1. Museveni is trouble after arresting the NRM party Youth dumping them into Prison because they opposed his dictatorial force to be elected unopposed in the2016 Presidential Election as the only Candidate a sign that Museveni is in a hot soup because people no longer trust his leadership in short not wanted as president. of Uganda.


    Believe it or not Mr. Kayihura is just the willing “Pony” in the grand scheme of things.

    Parliamentarians need not pretend they do not know whose baggage and load Mr. Kayihura the “pony” is carrying. The NRM regime parliamentarians are also in part
    responsible for where this trend has come to.

    The perceived police force has for years now, to a large extent been and continues
    to be an instrument of people “suppression” and “oppression” and hardly a state instrument to “serve and protect” the people through democratic and legal law enforcement under the direction of the Judiciary as it ought to be. This is why I use the reference to “perceived police force”.

    At the height of suppression and oppression of the masses who dared to openly express a dissenting voice to the dictatorial rule under the NRM, Mr. Kayihura was simply rewarded with a promotion to a 4 star general by the executive. I do not remember hearing a single voice in parliament question this decision.

    Not only was the promotion to that of a higher military rank for man serving as a police inspector but very bizarre to say the least.

    Under a true democracy the same person promoted would INSTEAD not only have been long since fired from the police force and stripped of all the military ranks for the abuse of state power under his watch and direction, but also brought under
    trial for all the human rights violations and abuses of the civilian population. Finally he would also permanently have been dismissed from public service for his conduct.

    Following the most recent shenanigans, you do not hear the NRM regime executive condemning Mr. Kayihura for his actions except for the lonely voice of a brave woman at last to her own peril, as I am sure she will pay a heavy price for her open opinions, but non-the-less never too late to stand up and be counted among the brave.

    The word “Terrorism” has become a very lucrative scapegoat and gigantic “Cash cow” for the NRM regime. Cry wolf and the international community provides more
    resources in cash and kind for Uganda’s main export which I need not mention for it is embarrassing and the balance goes to Mr. Kayihura’s internal effort whether real, perceived or concocted as is more often the case.

    The international community has been put on a leash to believe they are adding to the containment of the regional “terrorism effort” when in fact the same resources are used to oppress and suppress the dissenting voices of the Ugandan civilian population who dare to openly express their demands for democratic rights and freedoms, electoral reforms for free and fair elections, rule of law and more.

    The parliamentary committee and civil society has been afforded Mr. Kayihura’s audience as a bluff and false sense of democracy at work in anticipation of a negative impact on the electorate even within the MRM itself come 2016.

    However, given Mr Kayihura’s denials and defiance it is very obvious where his orders are coming from.

    Mr.Kayihura and many others will wake up tomorrow to carry on where they left off yesterday at doing the same bidding for those higher in the NRM regime ranks and will be further rewarded since Uganda is really simply disguised as a democracy when it is actually a dictatorship under a totalitarian regime.

  3. The acts towards the NRM youths is a demonstration of lack of internal democracy in the party. One wonders what will happen if M7 could relinguish power to an able youth who would be naturally guided by mzee as the youth lead the country. How can a big party with the most following fail to develop a leader after 30 years in power and yet MPs without same say they don’t see any member able to replace M7 and yet they keep saying the youth are future leaders! This is a hoarse for the year 2014…..

  4. When you a tree shading its leaves and dropping them down, it means that dry season is near.

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