Big Eye Buys Hammer

Ibrahim Mayanja well known as Big Eye has joined the class of musicians who have posh cars after he acquired a brand new Hammer.

Big Eye has acquired a brand new hammer
Big Eye has acquired a brand new hammer

Sources close to Indicator singer revealed that he got the car last week as a gift from his rich sugar mummy who based in Dubai.

Ever since Big eye hooked the loaded cougar, he has been receiving luxurious gifts like posh cars, expensive clothes and air tickets to a destination of his choice.

Recently Sheila Patience, Big Eye’s cougar bought him a mansion worth Shs300 million. It is located on Gayaza Road.

Big Eye rose to fame when he released his hit song Indicator in 2009.

His breakthrough song Indicator was followed by hits like Muzibe, Mango juice, Going Higher, Guweddeko and the recent Phone busy.

But before, he recorded Indicator; Big Eye had already recorded a lyrically strong song titled Oyagala Ani also featuring his brother Big Chief.

5 thoughts on “Big Eye Buys Hammer

  1. Is that the sugar mummy standing by the car? She will soon repossess the hammer when she gets another younger one. That’s how it works. Enjoy while it lasts.

  2. Caring and loving auger mummy right, that’s so nice. She really understands if i may say so.

  3. you meant to say brand new to him? last time i checked no new hammers have been manufactured in over 3-5 years.

  4. Oh lala!!! This “toy boy” is a genius. Bravo but I hope the oldies won’t clash with you in another way.

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