Bobi Wine’s Dad In Critical Condition

The latest reaching our gossip desks indicate that Bobi wine’s dad J.W Ssentamu well known as Bulaya is in critical condition

Bobi Wine's Dad Mzee Ssentamu
Bobi Wine’s Dad Mzee Ssentamu

Sources close to the family revel that Mzee Ssentamu was transferred from Gomba to Kampala in the past few weeks and he has been receiving treatment.

The Ghetto gladiator’s father is one of the supermen who have put the gift of procreation to proper use.

The fertile Mzee Ssentamu has over forty children and thirty six are graduates in different occupations like Doctors, Lawyers, Pastors, Business men and Music Maestros.

Mzee Ssentamu’s first born over 50 years old and the youngest is less than 2 years.

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