Burial Of Commando Who Shot M7 Postponed

Col Ogole with Gen Sejusa in a recent meeting in london
The late Col Ogole with Gen Sejusa in a recent meeting in london

The body of the former UNLA special Brigade commander Col. John Charles Ogole is due to be buried in London, United Kingdom.

The Late Col. Ogole died last week after a battle with prostate cancer.

Last week President Museveni while in Dokolo district pledged support to return the body of his presumed enemy back home for a decent burial.

But today, the family issued a statement postponing the burial initially scheduled for May 17th, 2014 at Loro Atidi, Oyam District.

Margaret Opio, Ogole’s sister says the family shall proceed with all arrangements for the funeral services in London on Saturday May 10th 2014.

She says the deceased had written the will rejecting the involvement of the Government of Uganda in his burial arrangements and returning his body home would be against his wish.
Without detailing the content of the will, Opio insists that the family is willing to honor Ogole’s wish.

Mp Felix Okot Ogong, the Dokolo county legislator and also chairperson Lango parliamentary group says the development is disturbing.

At the time of his death, Col. John Ogole was the head of Lango Elders Council, an organization of Lango elders living in the UK.  He is remembered by most Ugandans as the Commander of the Special Brigade that flashed Yoweri Museveni’s NRA guerrillas out of Luwero Triangle leading to the guerrilla group’s temporary disintegration in 1984.

He joined the armed services in the mid 1960s and served in various roles that included that of Adjutant, Commanding Officer; Brigade Commander; Deputy Director of Records; and Chief of Personnel in Uganda National Liberation Army [UNLA].

4 thoughts on “Burial Of Commando Who Shot M7 Postponed

  1. Defiant in death as he was in life. Uganda needs men with iron balls!

  2. May the soul of this son of Uganda and real soldier rest in peace.

  3. Ogole killed,tortured,raped a thousands and a thousands of our brothers,sisters,mothers,fathers, in Luwero.He was behind panda gali in Kla,him and Oyite ojoke,we shall never forget, better he gets buried in the snow.And burn at the bottom of hell.

  4. What ever we do in life let us remember that we shall be accountable in Heaven before our Father and we need to repent and accept Christ as our Saviour to enjoy enternal life and learn to forgive

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