Club Rouge Boss Arrested

City tycoon Ronald Muramuzi who recently bought Club Rouge at $ 100000 was yesterday arrested by police detectives from his home in Kawuku a Kampala suburb.

The new look of Club Rouge
The new look of Club Rouge

Ronald is allegedly to have been the brain behind Adfast, an online scheme that conned over 60 billion shillings from Kampala business men and government officials.

Business men were convinced that by depositing their money with Adfast, they would get quick and abnormal profits.

Ronald who has been splashing dimes as if he owns a garden of money is still detained at Central Police station in Kampala where he is undergoing interrogation.

Ronald who has been keeping a low profile came to the limelight last year when he made a wedding that is believed to have consumed over 500 million shillings.

He is the sole owner of the Jinja road based Club Rouge, A super market in Kabuusu and various apartments in Kampala suburbs.

5 thoughts on “Club Rouge Boss Arrested

    1. Fitina.???? really ? Waleya! You might be eligible to assist Police with investigations on ADFAST…since you seem to know SOMETHING with regard to Ronalds new money…

  1. Ugandans with gullibility match perfectly like tea and sugar. Anything is that looks too good to be true is indeed too god to be true and is therefore not true.

  2. ‘Gullibillity’ is irrelevant here, even ‘ fitina ‘ if a fraudster has been nubbed, let him face the music. He should put back the site and let people withdraw pending balances througth the bank as he had stated. HE can NOT profit from trickary. WHYdid he pull down the site? infact the police should have him put up the site so that whowever registers a complaint should login to show the gravity of the matter

  3. How on earth do such people filter into society & do such bizarre things with no detection at all? Wd i be right if i said Uganda is a den of thieves?

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