Club Rouge Boss To Be Charged With 3 Counts

Club Rouge boss Ronald Muramuzi, the brain behind TelexFree and Ad fast cyber schemes in Uganda will be charged with three counts of electronic fraud, conspiracy to commit a felony and obtaining Money by false pretence, Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman Patrick Onyango has said.

Muramuzi being paraded before journalists
Muramuzi being paraded before journalists

Muramuzi was arrested following the sudden closure of Telex free, an international scheme which reaped hundreds of billions of shillings from Ugandans.

Muramuzi was picked by detectives before being detained at Kampala Central Police Station as investigations into the matter continue.

Many of the alleged victims of TelexFree were drawn into the schemes marketing pitch by other members of their community who boasted of the huge sums they were making for the simple job of promoting an Internet telephone service.

Club Rouge boss
Club Rouge boss Ronald Muramuzi

Onyango adds that police has received over 300 complaints from people who were seduced to join the scheme. They believe that his over Ugx 7billion was defrauded from unsuspecting individuals who fell prey to the marketing antics and joined the scheme.

Onyango however adds that the charge sheet is not yet complete as more complaints are lodged. He is however optimistic that the charge sheet will be completed by tomorrow, Tuesday May 20, 2014.

2 thoughts on “Club Rouge Boss To Be Charged With 3 Counts

  1. Lock him up!! Muramuzi has been benefitting from those people who toil looking for money to feed their families and he was just sitting and stealing from them while driving big cars sleeping in a bungalow(s), etc. Let him go to the “university of understanding” and when he graduates, he will know how it is difficult to make money through sweat.

  2. Dear all,
    This is to bring light to all Ugandans who didn’t know the truth behind the brain of TELEXFREE in Uganda. This company was brought to Uganda by a one Stephen Asiimwe on the 15th March 2013 and the first presentation was held at UMA conference hall. Prior to introducing TELEXFREE, Stephen Asiimwe had just conned ugandans millions of shillings in FAKE SHARES in another company he had introduced late 2012 called GLOBAL MOBILE NETWORKS(GMN or WORLD GMN) with offices at Shumuk House.

    After failing to pay us, (people) who had invested in GMN and after isssuing cheques to a number of people which bounced, he was arrested by police and taken to CPS but released on bond the same day and fled the country to Nigeria where he promoted TELEXFREE aggressively. The office at Shumuk house, 5floor was all occupied by GMN and TELEXFREE promoters and the whole offices were branded with GMN and TELEXFREE logos. The offices at Shumuk were closed in March 2014 and opened new offices in Bugolobi near Dolphine suits ran under DOMINION Univeral. He is soon opening new offices along Nakasero former Uganda Red Cross offices (2nd floor on the new building)

    Its until early 2014 that Stephen returned to Uganda with launching another yet to be confirmed a scam company called VIRAL ANGELS. He (Asiimwe Stephen) launched this business in Uganda on 26.03.2014 at Serena Katonga hall. Many people invested a lot of money in pounds and many are silently crying for their monies.

    On 4th May at Serena hotel Katongo Hall, Stephen Asiimwe launched yet another online company called VARPLE ( which is likely to be the biggest scam in Uganda given the way it has been structured. Varple is believed to be his own company though disguising to be of a foreign origin. Its high time the public gets to know the facts about this guy other than hiding the facts in other people like Muramuzi Ronald. This guy is believed to have a lot of money that he gives security operatives to hide his identity as many of us who were lured into his business are dying with debts.

    Please, help us the voiceless.

    Attached are files of proof of him owning P.L.I Telexfree Rwanda

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