DJ Erycom Signs Mega Deal With Chameleone

Star disc spinner DJ Erycom has reportedly signed a mega deal with Uganda’s number one artiste Dr Jose Chameleone.

Jose Chameleone and Dj Ericom
Jose Chameleone and Dj Erycom

Reliable sources have intimated that Erycom will be Chameleone’s official DJ whenever the singer travels abroad for any show or gig. The partnership started started recently when Chameleone travelled to the UK last month.

“Before he started his live performances in UK, Chameleone invited DJ Erycom on stage and told his fans that he would be his his official DJ for all his international concerts,” a source revealed.

No wonder Taata Erycopter as Erycom is popularly known among his fans was behind the decks as Chameleone performed in Norway and Germany.

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