Goodlyfe Crew Members Arrested

Reports coming in indicate that the Goodlyfe Crew members have been arrested and detained at Kiira Road police station.

Ak 47 and Jeff Kiwanuka on the Police Pick up
Ak 47 and Jeff Kiwanuka on the Police Pick up

The Arrested members include; Manager Jeff Kiwanuka, Allan Kiwanuka, Kenneth Kasagazi and AK 47.

Sources at Kiira road police station indicate that the crew is accused of assaulting ex Goodlyfe crew member Mozey Radio in the wee hours of Monday morning at the Acacia avenue based Cassablanca.

Sources at Cassablanca have revealed to us that tempers flared as Radio and Jeff were involved in a serious verbal war that almost saw them trade blows.

Goodlyfe crew arriving at Kiira Road police station
Goodlyfe crew arriving at Kiira Road police station

Eye witnesses said that Chameleone’s brother Pallaso over powered Radio and beat him up like a primary kid. Radio was left on the ground crying for help as Pallaso took off at a terrific speed.

This war attracted fans that started to fight in support of their favorite musicians. Police was called to cool down the situation.

On Friday night, Jeff and Radio had a bitter argument at the same night spot and Radio accused Jeff of trying to separate him from his singing partner weasel.


Radio assured Jeff that even if heaven comes down to earth, he will not achieve his goal of separating him from Weasel.

In the past few weeks, Radio and Weasel fired their manager Jeff Kiwanuka and they quit Goodlyfe crew after they accused Jeff of embezzling funds.

Radio now hired former musician Chagga to promote and manage his music.

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  1. i don’t think there is good life without Radio and Weasel. Gooflyf is like Radio+weasel’s equation. Good luck to Pallaso. no one knew him until that collabo.

  2. and what’s wrong with that guy in orange pants? is he one of the Mubiru/Kayanja victims?

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