Goodlyfe Signs Pallaso

Goodlyfe Crew has recruited yet another talented and American based singer Pallaso formally known as Lizard.

Pallaso(R) upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport

Pallaso who featured in Radio and Weasel’s heat song Amaaso has signed a five year deal with Uganda’s Music label that is managed by Jeff Kiwanuka.

Pallaso left Uganda for the US 8 years ago and things never went well for him in the first three years as he was jailed.

Upon leaving jail, he rebranded his stage name from Lizard to Pallaso and embarked on his musical career.

Pallaso now has collaborations with the 2013 BET nominees Radio and Weasel and the Ice cream singer Sheeba Karungi.

Pallaso, who had vowed not to return to Uganda swallowed his pride and returned to perform at the much anticipated Amaaso- Ntuunga concert which will take place tonight at Hotel Africana.

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