‘Ettoffali’: Japan Contributes $650,000 For Kasubi Tombs

The reconstruction of Kasubi tombs has gotten another boost after the Japanese government pledged $ 650,000 the equivalent of Ug Shs 1,625,000,000.

Kasubi tombs before the fire. File photo
Kasubi tombs before the fire. File photo

The pledge has been made by the Japanese ambassador H.E. Junzo Fujita on a maiden tour of the tombs.

Mr Mayiga said tombs are a symbol of the greatness to Buganda culture, norms and history.

Kings buried there are Muteesa I, Bassamula Mwanga II, Daudi Chwa and Edward Muteesa II.

Mysterious fire

The Kasubi tombs were destroyed by a mysterious fire in March 2010.

The kingdom in 2011 contracted Omega Construction Ltd to do the reconstruction at Shs2 billion.

Meanwhile, the Katikkiro of Buganda is in Katabi on a his country wide fundraising drive.

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