Lillian’s Son Is Not Yours – Jeff Tells Radio

Following the verbal war that was at the acacia avenue based bar Cassablanca, serious and shocking secrets have started to emerge between Moses Ssekibogo well known as Radio and his former manager Jeff Kiwanuka.

Radio City Presenter Lillian Mbabazi with Moze Radio
Radio City Presenter Lillian Mbabazi with Moze Radio

As they hurled Insults at each other, Jeff Kiwanuka revealed that Radio is not the father of Lillian’s son Asante.

Jeff revealed that the father of Lillian’s son is Kenneth Kasagazi who is one of the managers at Goodlyfe.

This shocking revelation made Radio angry and he fumed at Jeff that he is a selfish Primary Seven dropout who killed his brother.

The verbal war attracted fans and blows were traded. The Police intervened and some Goodlyfe crew members were taken to Kiira Road police station on Monday.

Lilian and son arriving at Uganda Museum for blankets and wine last year
Lilian and son arriving at Uganda Museum for blankets and wine last year

The biff between Radio and Jeff started when Radio and Weasel left Goodlyfe after firing their long term manager Jeff.

Lilian Mbabazi is currently pregnant and it is rumoured that Radio is the one who ballooned her.

7 thoughts on “Lillian’s Son Is Not Yours – Jeff Tells Radio

  1. Slow but surely, information will begin trickling through and we’ll be here to read and wonder. So is Jeff insinuating that he’s the daddy ? This is ganja at its best

  2. There is no smoke without fire, so they say. Lillian was sleeping with all of them in the “house”, the technology is just in the neighborhood, to a DNA because who knows, many things begin as rumors.

  3. At this rate if at all science could be defied that kid
    would be having quadruple fathers.

  4. These are some of the men who fight as women,why include ones wife and children or family for that matter in your differences as men? Each one of us has a history either good or bad,why use ones history to turnish ones name yet is not part of the misunderstandings you have? Let us try to learn how to sort out issues amicably.

  5. I used to respect Lillian until I found out she had a relationship with Radio. At that point I took all my respect back. No disrespect for Radio, but I had somehow thought that Lillian deserved a completely different profile of husband. May be her looks and talent fooled me on what her exact worth is

  6. A woman’s heart is a sea of secrets! Radio, you ought not 2take Jeff’s comment 4granted coz there cd be even deeper facts thatz if the child is not a photocopy of yourself!

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