M7 Explains Why He Accepted Kyankwanzi Resolution

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has said that he only welcomed the February 2014 Kyankwanzi resolution in the interest of the party cohesion.

President Museveni made the remarks while addressing youth from the Eastern, Teso and Karamoja regions yesterday.

The February 2014 Kyankwanzi resolution urged National Resistance Movement (NRM) members to endorse the President as the sole party candidate in the 2016 elections.

President Museveni’s comments were prompted by chants from some of the youth that he continues to lead the country because his contribution is highly valued.

The President said that he had learned that there were people in the party who wished him to stand but were being forced to use subversive means to achieve their ends.

However, Museveni said that there were proper channels to address the concerns of the “wanters.” He went on to say that if he is still wanted as the leader of the party, he will give his reply at the right time.

Museveni said he had heard some people calling him useless and wondered how an army General could be useless. He described these critics as “underminers” whose error of miscalculation will cost them dearly in due time.

Museveni also called upon the youth not to view politics as a career but as a service to the people. He added that it is not a matter of saying ‘A bewo-abewo, or let him stay, but providing solutions to peoples’ problems.

President Museveni on Youth Unemployment

On youth unemployment, the President said the NRM manifesto spelt out a package of income generating activities on a 4 acre land and at the backyard that would help families eradicate poverty, which was unfortunately ignored by many.

He explained that youth today lack technical and managerial skills as well as the right qualifications yet jobs are available.

The President cited the health sector that lacks medical Doctors and the Hydro-power sites that import labour from neighbouring countries due to lack of Ugandan machine operators.

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7 thoughts on “M7 Explains Why He Accepted Kyankwanzi Resolution

  1. One sided argument. To the contrary, sole candidacy will instead rip the party into pieces. Mr. Museveni, honesty is a virtue. I do expect the person in your position(president) to prescribe to the highest moral standards(basic ethics). Instead you seem to cherish preaching falsehood. You orchestrated Kyankwanzi resolutions. Your message could have been understood if you were addressing morons or sycophants.

    1. He is a bigot who takes all Ugandans for granted. He will pay for it soon or later. Unfortunately it may engulf his whole linage and nexts.

  2. Truth is, you have outlived your usefulness. You can’t be president for 30 years and still parade yourself around as the man with the solution to people’s problems. You say politics is not a career, but you are the only Ugandan who has held the same political office for 30 years. All other politicians have served limited periods and left. You are the one who thinks politics is a carrier. But in your usual crafty ways of doing things, you are now here posturing that “if i am wanted, we shall answer that question at the right time”!!! You are already campaigning, you have been bribing people all over the country to support your sole candidature, yet you have no shame to stand in public and deceive that a decision will be taken in future. You are not wanted. You are imposing yourself on the country through bribery, rigging, intimidation and manipulation. You should have realized by now that you are liability to the country. The cost of maintaining your presidency is greater than the combined resources allocated to education, health and the pocket change you give to Agriculture, which supports the livelihoods of over 60% of the citizens. It is immoral.

    1. You have put it right Muslim, the bigot is back at his tricks, ever a manipulator of Ugandans.

    2. President Museveni manufactured the Kyankwasi resolution. Each time he talks the demons of falsehood manifest.

      The man is not feeling safe, one day he might teargas his shadow for an enemy.

  3. Museveni creates confusion and goes ahead to explain the confusion wasting peoples time and money as he promotes his lies.

  4. “Museveni said he had heard some people calling him useless and wondered how an army General could be useless”

    A time comes when some people including army Generals, become useless and have to be set aside or discarded. Mr. President, you are one of those people.

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