Nabukenya Asks EC to Act on NRM Voter Bribery

Nabukenya lost her seat in Parliament
Nabukenya lost her seat in Parliament

Brenda Nabukenya, the joint opposition candidate in the Luweero District Woman MP by-election is piling pressure on Electoral Commission to intervene in what she considers massive voter bribery by the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM. 

Nominations of candidates for the district woman MP seat and other vacant local government seats are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday next week.

Nabukenya accuses top NRM officials of dishing out money to voters under the guise of helping them to start income generating projects, in disregard of a ban on any form of fundraising announced by Engineer Badru Kiggundu, the Electoral Commission chairperson. She cites General Salim Saleh, the senior presidential advisor on Military affairs, who she says is traversing the district allegedly to donate coffee seedlings.

Nabukenya also cites, the shilling 40,000, which was given to each of the 2000 NRM members who convened at Kasana-Luweero Pastoral Center on Tuesday during the party conference. According to Nabukenya, the distribution of money to voters amounts to voter bribery, in breach of the guidelines issued by electoral. She wants Electoral Commission to intervene immediately to ensure a level playing field for free and fair polls.

Efforts by our reporter to get in touch with General Salim Saleh were futile. But, Henry Kamya Makumbi, the Luweero RDC claims that General Saleh and other ruling party officials are only promoting government projects and not involved in voter bribery as claimed.

Alex Komuhangi, the Acting Luweero District Registrar says they have started looking into the complaints of Nabukenya to establish the truth. He says they will decide their next course of action when the investigations are complete.

3 thoughts on “Nabukenya Asks EC to Act on NRM Voter Bribery

  1. Whatever Kamya Makumbi might say about the activities of Saleh, the problem is that at the very least the perception is that his actions were/are geared to bribe voters. To pretend otherwise is to either be naive or deliberately obtuse. NRM has had 30 years to carry out this activity. Why choose this precise moment???
    My view, for what its worth, is that the allegation is credible and deserves examination by the (toothless) EC. I can bet my life that the answer, if they decide to investigate, is that in their (well considered?) view the allegation is unfounded.
    Watch this space!!

  2. Campaign and tell voters who you are and what you will do for them. You’re the incumbent leka kwekoza…….leka leka …tell people…campaign…and you will win if you’re the best candidate leka kwekwasa…!

  3. Why don’ u mention yr name ‘guest’ u have no point to make against the brave lady,we are tired of sycophants .we need objective mp’s like Nabukenya.She has hinted on the point of bribery is it not evident?

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