Obama Wants UPDF Out Of South Sudan


US Sec. of State John Kerry held discussions with Foreign Ministers of Ethiopia,Kenya and Uganda in Addis Ababa today.
US Sec. of State John Kerry (2nd L) held discussions with Foreign Ministers of Ethiopia (L), Kenya (R) and Uganda’s Sam Kuteesa in Addis Ababa on Thursday.

The United States has urged eastern African nations to quickly send enough peacekeeping forces to South Sudan to quell nearly six months of deadly violence between ethnic groups.

The U.S. has said it wants Uganda to withdraw from South Sudan. The Ugandan army has been deployed in the war torn nation since the conflict broke out last December.


Foreign ministers from Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya on Thursdaysaid they agreed that aggressive steps are needed. But they offered no details, and have for months been undecided on how best to respond to massacres and other horrific killings in the world’s newest nation.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called it “absolutely critical” that African troops confront the deadly conflicts across the continent, including South Sudan.

He told a gathering of African Union commissioners in the Ethiopian capital that the U.S. would work with the United Nations to support a peacekeeping force, or “a peacemaking force, in some cases.”

“There are too many nations that risk falling into broad-based violence or remain embroiled in too much bloodshed,” Kerry told the AU commissioners.

U.S. officials have estimated at least 5,000 troops are necessary for the increasingly bloody mission in South Sudan, where fighting broke out last December after President Salva Kiir, a Dinka, accused former Vice President Riek Machar, a Nuer, of staging a coup. But officials said African nations have been divided on deploying troops, including some that are reluctant to be part of a U.N. mission.

US Wants Uganda Out Of South Sudan


Uganda already has troops inside South Sudan in support of the Juba government, but that has raised regional concerns since both sides of the conflict are accused of killing civilians. The U.S. has said it wants Uganda to withdraw from South Sudan.

UPDF soldiers in training
UPDF soldiers in training


Following a separate meeting with Kerry, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom said diplomats agreed that a peacekeeping force needed to be deployed soon.

“There is an agreement that we have to be as aggressive as possible in order to have an impact on the ground in South Sudan,” Adhanom told reporters with Kerry and foreign ministers from Kenya and Uganda.

Kerry said the four diplomats agreed on how large the force would be, when it would be deployed, and how it would be used – but rushed out of the short photo opportunity before revealing any details. He was expected to deliver more information at a press conference set for Thursday afternoon in Addis Ababa.

He is expected to briefly visit South Sudan during his trip to Africa, which ends May 5.

8 thoughts on “Obama Wants UPDF Out Of South Sudan

  1. Where there’s oil America will protect. Don’t u wonder why all of a sudden after oil was discovered in Uganda , America stepped in to help fight Kony !! Kony has been in the bush for the last two decades but America had never come to help find him until recently when our “black gold” was discovered. Further still, Kony is now in Central African Republic, so why is America in Uganda trying to look for him ? They shd go to CAR and hunt him down if they’re genuinely after Kony, not our oil.

    1. Dick, you have helped me raise the Central African Republic issue. That country is already experiencing genocide based mainly on religious differences. I have not yet seen much concern from the powerful countries, save France whose intervention so far is glaringly wanting. If there is any place in Africa which needs immediate intervention, CAR needed that a couple of months back, when people started hunting and killing each other, not for any crime, but because they belong to another religion!! But now I can hear them (US) busy with South Sudan – not that the problem in South Sudan is less important, but we need to see equitable concern about unnecessary loss of lives. If the world is worried that South Sudan is at the brink of a genocide, CAR is already experiencing one. What would a rational person do? save the worst situation first, then turn your face to the bad one – yet I believe that there is capacity in the world to deal with both of them simultaneously.

    2. Are you still doubting the self seeking opportunists fom America? But in any case, the Other friends are bad as well, say China. For them they would not mind you guys finishing yourselves as long as they will always come back when you have erased yourselves and try to stack you with their fake friendship.

  2. After failing in almost every attempt US’s Kerry is now for S Sudan. He has failed in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Israel/ Palestine, Ukraine US now tries S Sudan. But its wise for Uganda to withdraw so a joint force with regional mandate is deployed otherwise Uganda risks being drawn into the SSudan war skirmishes.

  3. Who has the balls to contribute troops without the regional police man/bully Uganda

  4. The UPDF should be quickly supplemented by regional forces instead of talking too much about wanting Uganda out without a solution. Uganda is in South Sudan for “first aid”. Obama and Kerry would best be lobbying those regional capitals to deploy quickly instead of focussing on Uganda in Sudan… I doubt if the US is genuine in its “concern” over South Sudan. Me thinks they are embarrased that a small country is achieving much in solving regional crisis where they fail miserably, i.e. Joseph Kony, Somalia, support to RPF to quell genocide in the 90’s, etc..etc…

  5. The UPDF soldiers is South Sudan must be out immediately if Obama insists but if he is compromised then his words would have been for no-a-thing.

  6. Leave the issues of the Africans to the Africans. We have bodies like IGAD, EAC and AU the know how best to handle their problems.

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