Robert Kabushenga Briefly Detained In Kabale For Threatening Violence


Vision group’s chief Executive Officer Robert Kabushenga
Vision group’s chief Executive Officer Robert Kabushenga

Vision group’s chief Executive Officer Robert Kabushenga was on Wednesday briefly detained in Kabale before being released by court on bail.

Kabushenga allegedly knocked down his nephew identified as Moses Mbabazi leading to his arrest.

According to the police, the arrest of the Vision group CEO followed an act where he pushed down his nephew with who he has been embroiled in a land wrangle at Kabale High court before Justice Michael Elubu.

The Police says that they received orders from court to arrest the Vision group boss which they did before detaining him at Kigezi regional Police head quarters.

Kigezi regional Police spokesperson Elly Maate told our reporter that the police detained him briefly before he was Produced in court where he was charged with threatening violence.

According to Maate, the CEO is said to have been angered by the proceedings of the court case in the high court.

Kabushenga was released on cash bail of shillings one million before the chief Magistrate Martins Kirya adjourned the hearing of the case to Tomorrow.

While in court, Kabushenga Pleaded not guilty to the offence of threatening violence.

5 thoughts on “Robert Kabushenga Briefly Detained In Kabale For Threatening Violence

  1. If the elites and leaders take laws in their hands, where is Uganda heading to ? Is it bcz of arrogance and being aware that when you have money and power, nothing can happen to you ? We need God’s mercy .

  2. so we have some responsible officers who have weaknesses!!!! in other countries which follow individual’s criminal record he would loose his job.
    his criminal record is spoilt, he has lost, even his news papers would be boycotted

  3. This is a very unethical and dispicable behavior for some one of Kabushenga’s pisition. Perhaps it’s the common adege that the fish begins to rot from the head downwards, since the NRM leadership from State House Entebbe down to the local councils are a disgrace. Kabushenga must voluntarily resign from his CEO position or else he should be fired by the Board of Directors. Cry the Pearl of Africa, for your glory is a mere history.

  4. Kabushenga carries his false high profile and connections with those in power beyond what is expected of an educated man, however late he got his education!
    How do you stop a court proceeding through violence?

    If he is sure of his side of the case, it is better he waits for the court to make its verdict and challenge it through an appeal if not satisfied!

    Sometimes we blame Idi Amin for nothing. There are many replicas who claim to be better than he was

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