Zari: Ivan Cannot Replace Me

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Veteran city socialite Zari Hassan has spoken out on the news that her former beau Ivan Ssemwanga had replaced her with a local Television presenter, saying Ivan just found new love like she did.

Zari revealed this in a tweet on Saturday evening while responding to our story in which we told you of how her ex, Ivan is head over heels in love with Doreen Kyomuhangi, a local TV news anchor.

“Replaces or found love like i did. Zari isnt replaceable nor any other person” Zari tweeted.

Zari and Ivan who have three children together separated last year over domestic violence and counter accusations of promiscuity. 

Before their split, they were known among Ugandans for their Public Display of Affection and spending sprees that kept Ugandans on edge.

GOOD OLD TIMES: Zari and Ivan locking lips last year before they parted ways.
GOOD OLD TIMES: Zari and Ivan locking lips last year before they parted ways.

On Friday evening, Ivan posted pictures of Doreen on his official Facebook page and complimented them with these words “2014 my Motto look no back and be straight like an arrow. Ready for smart love and am ‪ReadyToo x 100”, something social pundits viewed as Ivan making a statement about his new catch.

However, Zari has hit back alluding to the fact that Ivan just found new love the same way she had moved on and found herself someone.




4 thoughts on “Zari: Ivan Cannot Replace Me

  1. Of course he c’d never replace u darling …..A woman like u is so rare to find. One minute u’re madly in love with him, the next minute u don’t wanna know. One minute u’re in bed with LK4, the next minute u’re with someone else. While u’re busy romping with all these guys, do u even know how your kids are doing or how they feel about your absence ???? Zari u’re indeed one in a million, its true Ivan c’d never replace you……….good riddance !

  2. I am tired of stories about this akata chick zari. why dont they sort out their problems in closed doors and not splash it out in the papers because it is not nice for us to read this stories because there is kids stuck in the middle

    1. My broder! akata sounds terrible!
      Sounds Nigerian. Heyyyyy…….Akata no gudooooooo!

  3. indeed ya right, ure irreplaceable coz ya da cheapest ever lady in the limelight I have ever seen.. he’s just subsituted you with a better person just like a soccer coach can substitute Welbeck with Ronaldnho in his hay days… but, i suspect uve a hormonal problem and thatz y u luv sex soooo much! consult a gynecologist pliz

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