10 Signs You Need To Dump Him

At first, a relationship is defined by being in love and thinking you are living in paradise with your very own other half. But then, reality happens. Υou start realizing that not everything is as perfect as it seems.

Apart from the obvious things that can – or should – lead to a break up, there are some hidden signs that also should ring a bell as soon as you acknowledge them.

#1 – You Can’t Be Yourself

Young man and woman holding a broken heart (image source)
Young man and woman holding a broken heart (image source)

If you are reluctant to speak about your feelings and thoughts or if you are suppressing your behavior in order to please your other half, maybe it is time to move on and find someone who allows you to just be who you are and loves you for exactly that.

You can’t pretend to be another person for long, before you completely lose yourself and start feeling depressed. So put an end to it, better sooner than later.

#2 – You Have Completely Different Needs And Interests

Together but apart
Together but apart

While you are ready to jump on the next train and explore an unknown city, he loves sitting on a comfortable chair and read books – weekend after weekend.

It is good to have some individual hobbies which keep the relationship interesting, but when the things you love doing and can’t live without are fundamentally different, it will be difficult to work out. And if one cuts back on his needs, on the long run, he will become unhappy.

#3 – He Is Never There When You Need Him

You have a hard time dealing with a crisis at work, you had a fight with your best friend or even worse, you have lost a loved one.



All you want is somebody to talk about it, cry maybe, who will listen and help, and you want naturally that someone to be your significant other. If he doesn’t drop everything and runs immediately to you in your time of need, he is not worth another minute of your life.

#4 – You Don’t Like Who You Are In This Relationship

Your better self will soon return victorious.
Your better self will soon return victorious.

The man besides you should always get your best possible features out of you. If you find yourself always yelling, moaning, being grumpy or miserable, while your true self, the one you were before this relationship, was a happy and optimistic one, then it is probably time to let the person who brings out the worst of you, go. Your better self will soon return victorious.

#5 – He Is Never The One Who Tries To Arrange A Meeting

In case you stop calling him and organizing a meeting, you would never see him again, because he never shows any sign of making an effort to see you? If so, maybe it is really time to just stop calling him. A man who doesn’t seek out your company and is not trying to spend his time with you, is for sure not worth of your precious time.

#6 – He Doesn’t Respect You

 lack of respect simply only shows lack of love.
lack of respect simply only shows lack of love.

Mutual respect is a cornerstone in every relationship. If he acts without considering your feelings or as if you are not a couple at all, than it is best to send him off, in order for you to find someone that does respect you and treat you the way you deserve.

Because lack of respect simply only shows lack of love.

#6 – He Is Rude

Being polite is one of the most necessary attributes of a person. He doesn’t have to be acting like a lord of course, but some basic knowledge of proper behavior is a must. If he tends to yell at the cashier lady for some petty reason or is commanding the waiters around as if they were his slaves, you should send him off as soon as you see such behavior.

He doesn’t have to be acting like a lord of course
He doesn’t have to be acting like a lord of course


It won’t be long before he starts treating you the same way. So don’t let it come to that.

#8 – You Feel The Need To Be Alone More Often Than You Want To Be With Him

It is natural for anybody to need some time for himself from time to time and to not be constantly with his partner. But, if you catch yourself being happier without him than you are around him than it is for sure about time to go separate ways. Same goes if you constantly prefer the company of other people, instead of his.

#9 – He Doesn’t Make You Laugh Anymore

When you first started dating, he could make you smile and laugh without even trying. That was something that made you fall in love with him in the first place. But now, laughing together and having a good time has become rarer then snow in the summer… it’s not hard to see that this is not working out and that it needs to be over with.

#10 – He Is Bothered By Everything You Do

No matter what you do, he has something to whine about. Your hair, your outfit, what you said to a friend, the way you walk or prepare a meal. Criticism and complaining from someone that is supposed to lift you up and make you happy? That can’t be right! Maybe he wants to break up with you, but hasn’t the guts to tell you. Do yourself a favor and take action without wasting any more time.

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