84 Year Old Man Arrested For Defiling 7 Year old Girl

Police at Kasaali, in Rakai district are holding an 84 year old man for reportedly defiling a 7 year old girl.

Ahamadah Kaweesi, a resident Kyampaji village, Kasaali, Sub County in Rakai district has been arrested for allegedly defiling the primary two pupil of Kyampaji primary school.

Kaweesi is believed to be of Rwandan origin and was part of the group recently resettled at Sango bay camp in Rakai district after they were expelled from Tanzania.

It is said that Kaweesi dragged the minor to a bush where he was reportedly caught red-handed by locals committing the offence.

Kaweesi had been a casual worker at one Badru’s farm.

Jane Katumba, one of the eye witnesses, says that Kaweesi had tricked the minor into the act by promising to give her 1000 shillings to buy eats at break time.

She says that she was shocked to find Kaweesi defiling the minor.

The Southern Region police spokesperson Noah Sserunjoji says that preliminary police investigations indicate that Kaweesi took the advantage of the absence of the minor’s grandmother and caretaker Gladys Nabweyo to commit the offence.

He says that police is going to take the victim and the suspect to hospital for HIV/AIDS testing to establish if the minor also contracted the virus.

Sserunjoji says that Kaweesi is likely to face charges of aggravated defilement when police investigations into the matter are completed.

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