Bahati: US Playing Double Standards Over Anti-gay Law

David Bahati, the Ugandan lawmaker who initiated the controversial Anti Homosexuality law has said that the United States government is playing double standards and using its financial support to blackmail Uganda.

MP David Bahati
MP David Bahati

The law assented to by President Yoweri Museveni has met criticism across the globe with several western countries branding it harsh, cruel and inhumane.

On Thursday, the United States government announced a number of actions against Uganda and a number of unidentified individuals in retaliation for the stance against LGBT communities.  The actions include sanctions to restrict entry into the United States of specific Ugandan individuals involved in serious violations or abuses of human rights against LGBT individuals.

The United States Government also announced that it was discontinuing a $2.4 million program in support of the community-policing program, relocating up to US$3 million planned for a public health institute to another African country and cancelling plans to conduct the Department of Defense’s Africa Partnership Flight exercise in Uganda.

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni signs an anti-homosexual bill into law at the state house in Entebbe in February.
Uganda President Yoweri Museveni signs an anti-homosexual bill into law at the state house in Entebbe in February.

Several other Western donors halted or re-directed about USD $118 million in aid to Uganda before the Thursday announcement.

But David Bahati says Uganda is a sovereign state with a duty to defend its independence against western infiltration and suppression.  He adds that Uganda currently is funding up to 81 percent of its budget and cannot therefore wither after being threatened with budget and aid cuts.

He further described the actions by the Obama administration as unfortunate and absurd.

Bahati further states that Ugandan leaders cannot be threatened by sanctions because many would choose fighting for the Ugandan values of Uganda as opposed to a United States Visa.

8 thoughts on “Bahati: US Playing Double Standards Over Anti-gay Law

  1. In fact hypocrisy is coming from our side. We say we are indepedent while stretching out our hands to receive cash made by the those we purportedly despise!

  2. In my opinion, instead of imposing homosexuality on us, the US Govt shd take all the gays to USA and accord them asylum on the basis of sexual discrimination, after all, they are the minority in Uganda and they are clearly unwanted by the majority of the population. Take the fellows away, and let them enjoy their wired lifestyle freely in a country where they are very much wanted

  3. Also men and women in Africa in 2014 still stealing new born babies for sacrifices them in Voodoo rituals. Check out BCC., National Geographies and Discovery – They are referring to our European bible to condemn homosexuality when that same bible condemn those to hell for hurting children and those who partake in VOODOO and RITUALS

  4. In fact this should act as a wake-up to many Uganda government officials who want to live extravagantly. President Museven should now check on excessive public expenditure, should make the political level, improve on good governance and Democracy.

  5. But, I am told there are States in USA which out lawed gay practices! Have these States been deprived of benefits from the Central Government? USA, should respect us as sovereign Country! Mutuluuza Peter,

  6. Time is up for US, Failed with Russia, so what next looking for a place to cling on. Africa is a place with good morals and values. Let them go with their money, and we see if the pressure will not be released to them. They are just joking, how about their people they employ in Africa and Uganda who handle those programs. Where will the US put them. Uganda is the Pearl of Africa, may be they have forgotten it. With great great values. We cannot be rotten like the US. Uganda will remain the PEARL OF AFRICA whether with your money or not. Obama survived because Africa was behind, and now he is burying his head in the sand. He is already spoiled milk which we need pour. Who told them that our gallant leaders want to be in the US. Sanctions or no sanctions. We love Uganda and Africa. We thank our leaders for the wonderful gift they gave to Uganda. You are the real leaders of this wonderful nation and your names will be blessed and written all over. All our children will reap these benefits. You have already reaped the seeds you sowed in this fertile Pearl of Africa. FOR GOD AND MAY COUNTRY.

  7. Why does the United States think that people are dying to get US visas? To me, this appears to be “delusional superiority complex.”

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