Basket 53, Another Movie From Uga-Wood

For Movie lovers in Uganda, the first ever Basketball and love movie to be written and produced by Ugandans is yet to be on our screens.


The extra ordinary movie is a production of HAVY Media, Adverts and Film production company with a cast list of over 80 names.

With a story line of K Junior a 25year basketballer who lives with his dad who was a basketball Champion in 1980s.

K junior later discovers he is deeply in love with his best friend Lindsay (Robin Kisti). He needs all the support to attract his dream even when no one believes in him.

Ugandan Movie industry has been lagging behind due to lack of insufficient funding but the Producers of Basket 53 have vowed that the movie will be on our screens soon.

“The biggest challenge is still to convince the potential investors who haven’t believed in the Ugandan Movie industry. We will do everything possible and this movie will be premiered,” one of the producers revealed.

This movie will feature local based celebrities that include NTV’s Robin Kisti, KIU Titans basketball player Francis Kasekende and manymore.

The production crew consists of Robin Kisti and Gerald Namanya as Producers, Yvonnie Nansinguza aka Sista Vich as the Executive Producer, Eddie of Goodenuff as the Chief Engineer and Babangida Ibrahim as the Creative designer.

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