Bebe Cool, Zuena Survive Nasty Accident

Gagamel Phamily boss Bebe Cool and his wife Zuena Kirema survived a nasty car accident yesterday night as they were coming from Lido Beach, Entebbe.


Bebe cool attributes the accident to a drunk driver who had overturned the car along Entebbe Road.

“Me n Wiffy in a car accident on Entebbe road, drunko made a u turn but we safe and sound. THANKS TO ALLAH”

At Lido beach, Bebe Cool was performing at Radio and Weasel’s concert that was graced by many of their supporters.

Over the years, Bebe cool has been involved in many accidents and the notable ones include; Gunshots at Centenary Park in Kampala, Bomb blasts at Kyadondo and many more.

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