Fr. Lokodo Wins Court Case Against Gays

Fr. Lokodo Wins Court Case Against Gays

The High Court in Kampala has ruled that Ethics and Integrity Minister Rev Fr. Simon Lokodo acted with-in the public interest to protect moral values when he stormed into a hotel and closed a workshop that had been organized by homosexuals in Entebbe two years ago.

The minister had been sued by activists; Jacqueline Kasha Nabagesera, Julian Pepe Onziema, Frank Mugisha and Geoffrey Ogwaro.

They had among others accused him of infringing on their constitutional rights when he closed their two week workshop at Imperial Resort Beach Hotel in Entebbe at the expense of their freedom to assembly.

But in his judgment, justice Steven Musota held that the homosexuals could not claim to have  their rights infringed upon since they were involved in promoting illegal acts by distributing same sex literature and encouraging homosexuals to have self-esteem and confidence for their sexual preference.

The judge also awarded costs to the minister after he dismissed the case against him on grounds that he had been wrongly sued since he acted in his official capacity as minister to close the gay-workshop but not as an individual.

Similarly, court awarded costs to the attorney general who was the first respondent in this case after the matter was ruled in his favor.

The workshop in question had been secretly funded and supported by various members including the famous bum-stabber Zzinga D. Ishaque.   The workshop took place in February 2012 at Imperial Resort Beach Entebbe.

The one Ishaque (pictured above) disappeared from the country in 2012 after numerous charges were filed against him and was topping the police wanted list by the time of his disappearance.

Up to now, his whereabouts are not yet known but it is rumoured that he continues funding the gay activism in the country.

4 thoughts on “Fr. Lokodo Wins Court Case Against Gays

  1. Really and truly, this is it for the Homos. This is the last nail in their coffin. They shd know that not only is their actions wrong socially, but legally they also have no bottom whatsoever. Gays have always lived alongside us in society but their actions have always gone unnoticed simply because they’ve always done their thing very discretely. I wonder why they’re fighting for recognition apparently to start doing their thing overtly in the glaring eyes of the public. Them lot make me sick

  2. · I think that was a brave judgement by Justice Steven Musota amidst all the heavy criticisms of the Western governments against Uganda due to the gay law! Let them always know that Uganda is a sovereign country that has to uphold and protect its own sovereignity and values! But even in those western countries, for gays to go on recruiting and targeting young populations in schools to join their bandwagons is unacceptable! Why then should it be acceptable in Uganda!? We should always resist this vice that erodes human norms!

  3. Fr Lokodo thanks for you to stand firm on our values we must not sell our values for money

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