Happy Birthday, KEKO Though You Consider Them Irrelevant

Keko born (Jocelyne Tracey Keko on Martyrs Day 3 June 1987 (now 27) has come a long way since we first became enamored with her over half a decade ago: She successfully made the leap from unknown female rap gene to Uganda’s best, and she’s made equally impressive tracks.
Ugandans have had their share of Keko, first labeling her Navio’s ‘side dish’ then branding her ‘lesbian’ because of her tomboy antics and closeness to cloth-shy Shebah Karungi. She says at first it really got to her but with time she has come to let it be because, “none of it is true.” Guards at the Shoprite, Naalya branch, were in September 2012 forced to compel occupants of a white Ipsum ride of UAQ series at about 3am to open the doors. This followed fears that some occupants were having sex in the car which was parked at the rear end of Planet Sports Bar, a popular hangout.

It has been claimed that the singer is in a gay relationship with fellow singer Sheeba Karungi.
It has been claimed that the singer is in a gay relationship with fellow singer Sheeba Karungi.
Guards were stunned on seeing two ladies, who later turned out to be singers Sheba Karungi and Keko Town, having a chat but the rapper this year thumped the blues out of Sheeba at Casabalanca when she suspected her of doing men as well. The rest is business for another day or still not almost confirming these lesbian allegations by blasting the president over the anti gay bill and claimed Pastor Martin Sempa ‘LOVES’ her.

Back to the gossip, Keko was born to Japadhola parents from Tororo. She’s Uganda’s self-proclaimed queen of rap and has been a revelation to hip hop with her lyrical prowess, attitude and consistency on tracks, so much so every media publication has dubbed her ‘the next big thing’ and sky is the limit for the continental rising star that she is.

Keko is a certified party-animal
Keko is a certified party-animal

She doesn’t celebrate birthdays; considers them irrelevant and doesn’t own a single skirt besides the kinky ones ex housemate Sheebah left in their former Naalya ‘muzigo’.

We love her real first hit, Alwoo, a Japadhola word loosely translated as cry for help. The song tells the story of the plight of women. Listening to the song, you are left with that ‘wow’ feeling.

Eeeeh; Keko means a rescuer and peacebroker and the group of 23 Anglican and 22 Catholic converts to Christianity in Uganda, who were executed between November 1885 and January 1887 coincindently now stand for such virtues.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, KEKO Though You Consider Them Irrelevant

  1. Ugandans shd be vindicated of labelling Keko a lesbian. Its her antics and way of life that gives her sex orientation away. She w’d probably declare her stand if it was for the recent Anti-homo bill.

    1. If she is not a lesbian or Looks like one, let it go: every one look like in some way like the other even those keeping pets look like their pets, so what!

      1. Am struggling to work out what your point is my friend. I’ve tried to interpret your message in the 25 languages I understand best, but in vain. C’d u please rephrase your wording so that I could make sense out of it !!

        1. If you can not understand my Point let it go too, as simple as that, all your comments are not to be taken serious, you lack reality

          1. That’s your opinion and my comments simply reflect my opinion. Am not here to offend anyone and I’d urge you to refrain from reading my comments

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