Kenya Muslims Urge Uhuru To dialogue

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenya’s National Muslim Advisory Council has asked the country’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta to accept a national dialogue with the opposition.

The council said all religious leaders should be represented during the dialogue to monitor what will be said by the two sides.

Kemnac secretary general Hamisi Mwachirumu said politicians should desist from sentiments that can ignite chaos over the Mpeketoni attacks.

Speaking to local Kenyan media on Friday,  he said religious leaders will advise on the outcome of the national dialogue that Cord alliance led by Raila Odinga have been calling for.

“As much as we support the national dialogue religious leaders must be involved to record all discussion and advise what is to be done. We cannot leave this country for politicians alone,” said Mwachirumu.

He condemned Mpekeoni attacks which left more than 60 people dead saying Muslims should not be accused of such heinous act since they are committed by criminals in the name of religion.

Kenya's former Prime Minister and opposition leader Raila Odinga
Kenya’s former Prime Minister and opposition leader Raila Odinga

Mwachirumu said the council is unhappy with the attack and urged the government to take necessary action ad arrest those behind it.

“We are not happy with problems the government is facing right now and something needs to be done. This country has had Elnino, post-election violence, Golden Berg, Anglo Leasing and many other problems that have affected Kenyans, we need a solution,” he said.

Mwachirumu condemned leaders who have publicly threatened to swear Raila Odinga as President if Uhuru  refuses to dialogue.


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