MPs: Lack of Coordination Causing Payroll Mess

The secretary to the treasury Keith Muhakanizi has said that the ministry of public service and district Chief Administrative Officers should stop using the new decentralized system as an excuse for the delay of civil servants’ salaries and deletion of workers from the payroll.

Secretary to the Treasury Keith Muhakanzi
Secretary to the Treasury Keith Muhakanzi

The reported payroll anomalies started as a result of an intensive data migration exercise from the old payroll to the Integrated Personnel and Payroll System which saw 23,428 civil servants not paid due to process-related errors.

But Muhakanizi on Friday told parliament’s select committee investigating the continued delay of salaries that accounting officers want to fight the new system because it will prevent them from benefiting from the irregularities in the previous one.

The committee discovered that while CAOs argued earlier that there could be a funding problem, the key issue could be lack of coordination between the accounting officers, the ministry of finance and public service.

Similarly, a team from the police force yesterday complained that some of its officers have not been paid but Muhakanizi told the same committee that he has a letter asking him to allow them reallocate the remainder of the money for the salaries.

Rukiga County MP Jack Sabiiti questioned the benefits of the new system are and why government hurriedly imposed it on accounting officers who do not understand it.

Oyam district woman MP Santa Alum also argued that for any department to move from one system to another, the new system must be able to correct the anomalies of the old system which is not the case under the circumstances.

She also questions why the two ministries are insisting on a system that isn’t helping the beneficiaries and their accounting officers. But Muhakanizi said that the CAOs are using that as an excuse for not doing executing their duties.  He adds that the new system is efficient but has just encountered minor transitional challenges.

Muhakanizi insisted that the new system seeks to achieve two objectives; to pay workers on time and to eliminate ghosts on the payroll. He said that the problem that the former system had was that a problem with one vote would affect the whole country saying that the move to the decentralized system also sought to rectify that.

Kawempe North MP Latif Sebagala asked the three groups to desist from the blame game and solve the problem. He said that correcting the current mess is a collective responsibility of everyone right from the head teachers, to the CAOs, Public Service and ministry of finance.

only ministry of public service admitted to have made some mistakes.

However, the ministry of Public service admitted to have made some mistakes along the way. Permanent secretary Adah Muwanga Kabarokole admitted that there have been shortcomings on their part and that this has affected the payment of salaries.

Igara East MP Raphael Magyezi said that someone must take responsibility for the delayed salaries, for the deletion of workers from the payroll, for double payments and for ghost workers saying that ministry of finance and public service should own up as the managers of the system.

3 thoughts on “MPs: Lack of Coordination Causing Payroll Mess

  1. Its such an unfortunate someone is missing salary for more than six months and is working and haz kids or family , its like they have been given slow poison to drink. The one’s handling the issue are not bothered as it affects some pple. Uganda needs prayers

  2. We should stop blaming games just sake of political scoring. We should embrace new changes that will benefit country in long-term. If at all we shall eradicate corruption this is a way forward. If someone knows that wages will be available very months that boosts morale regardless the amount. Civil servicemen and women need to be paid on time if we need to move forward.

  3. The decentralized system will be worse than the previous system and public servants will long for the former sooner than later. The disease is contagious. That wasn’t the only way of eliminating ghost employees.

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