Nambooze Survives Suspension for Lying to Parliament


Mukono Municipality MP Betty  Nambooze
Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze

etty Nambooze, the Mukono Municipality MP has narrowly survived being suspended from parliament for claiming that more legislators had signed the attendance book compared to those in the plenary.

It all started after Nambooze took to the floor of parliament chaired by Jacob Oulanyah, the Deputy speaker saying more than 100 legislators had signed the attendance book but only a small number was in plenary.

However, this didn’t go down well with Matia Kassaija, the state finance minister. Kassaija shot up and accused Nambooze of lying to the house, prompting Oulanyah to call for the attendance book for verification. On inspection it was discovered that only 26 legislators had signed in both attendance books.

As a result, Oulanyah ruled Nambooze out of order and directed her to apologize dragging the image of parliament in disrepute yet she is a member.  He reminded the legislators on the ongoing bribery allegations against some legislators, which he said taints the image of the house.

Left with no option, Nambooze apologized and withdrew her statement to the house.

In the recently concluded fourth session of the Ninth Parliament Oulanyah suspended four MPs including Angelline Osegge, Semujju Ibrahim Nganda, Odonga Otto and Theodre Sekikubo from three sessions for alleged indiscipline during the debate on the public order management bill, which has since been enacted into law.

Oulanyah attempted in vain to compel the legislators to apologize to the house. He later apologized to the house on behalf of the legislators and allowed them back into plenary. By the time of filing this story, there about 30 legislators on plenary as NRM MPs were still locked up in the caucus meeting.

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  1. The opposition likes politiking to the extent of lying. Instead of debating whats neccessary Madame Namboze is talking about attendence shame on her. Lets stop politiking lets show the world our Uganda.

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