Namibia Govt Official Brands NRM Female MPs “Prostitutes”


VOLATILE: Mvula ya Nangolo. PHOTO: NAMPA
VOLATILE: Mvula ya Nangolo. PHOTO: NAMPA

A senior Namibian government official has been accused of hitting a female Ugandan parliamentarian with his cane and calling her delegation “prostitutes” during an altercation at a buffet lunch in a Windhoek hotel.

It is not yet clear who the MP is.


The attacked parliamentarian is a member of Uganda’s ruling party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM), of which that country’s president, Yoweri Museveni, is the head.

Apart from the physical assault, it is also alleged that Mvula ya Nangolo, the special advisor to the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, accused the politician, and other women in her delegation, of prostitution at the Safari Hotel on Tuesday.

President Hifikepunye Pohamba appointed Ya Nangolo as special advisor to Information Minister Joel Kaapanda about three years ago.

The Ugandan MPs are in the country to study Namibia’s forthcoming elections. The National Resistance Movement occupies 263 of the 375 seats in the National Assembly of Uganda.

The diplomatic embarrassment is being handled quietly in the top echelons of the Namibian government.

Some have it that the incident could affect relations between the two countries but the Namibian government is apparently pulling out all the stops to avoid a criminal case being registered with the police.



According to staff at the hotel, Ya Nangolo approached the table at which the Ugandan delegation was seated and started hurling insults at Uganda, its leadership and the female MPs at the table.

“He started to call them names, saying they only come here to do prostitution and a lot of other dirty things,” a shocked hotel employee told local media.

Ya Nangolo, also known as a poet, allegedly told the delegation to read one of his books, in which he wrote about them on “page 95”.

“When the women responded and asked why he was saying those things and that he should say it somewhere else, he started to hit the woman on the head with his stick.”

The scene is said to have drawn a lot of attention and embarrassed the senior government officials who were hosting the foreign delegation.

It is also claimed that Ya Nangolo is prone to episodes of volatile behaviour, which was confirmed by a high-ranking official in the ICT Ministry. 

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14 thoughts on “Namibia Govt Official Brands NRM Female MPs “Prostitutes”

  1. They have no moral authority to be at anything to do with elections. Served them right

  2. Most women in the Uganda parliament are just Political pawns and a disgrace to meaningful democracy. A woman who is in poliitics should be able to inspire people. Unfortunately there is big number of female MPs without a politcal agenda or inspiring ideas in the Uganda parliament. It will be inspiring Women that will change the face of Ugandan politics and not attracting the same calibre of Female MPs we have at the moment. Women who stand up for fellow women, Women who fight systems that oppress the vulnerable and be a voice for the voiceless.

    Individauls should not in politics to justify numerical represention of sexes, tribes, religions or race, because these are natural phenomena that will not change. Individuals should be in politic to represent ideas on how to address challenges around the phenimena listed aboves such as inequalities, unemployment, human rights etc . Unfortunately, the idea of female MPs in Uganda parliament is for numerical representation and thus the reason they are despised on the continent.

  3. What an embarrassment to Ugandan delegation! Anyhow,there is no smoke without fire.It is just the beginning more is to come.

  4. May be the two had spend the night together and something wrong happened during the escapade. God forbid, these female MPs are really marketing Uganda

  5. Ya Nangolo was refused d fruit by our morally upright ladies and like a sour loser wanted to make a scene to make himself innocent.

    1. Why don’t you wait for some more information. You are making a heavy judgement, with so little information. Or do you just want to make it a joke?

  6. Ohhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably the MP was not organised and was behaving like a prostitute of the land Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Definitely this man is not a known mad person. Apart from the physical confrontation, everything else he said about these Ugandan women is true and I don’t find anything new about his claim. Perhaps they were shocked because someone told them in their face. And you will be surprised to learn he saw some of them selling their bodies. They can stop at nothing.

  8. This ya Nangolo is a demented old man who should retire! There is no justifiable reason to attack anyone physically like that! If he had any issues with the Ugandan delegation, or the country as he claims, were there no other civilized means to address the matter? Both verbal and physical assault are crimes; he should be punished for his barbaric acts! It is very obvious he hates women, especially those in high political office! Shame upon you Ya Nangolo! You are a disgrace to your old age and grey hair!

  9. From the article, i haven’t seen any where that the female mp’s ever got involved in some sort of sexual behaviour. It’s stated therein that ya Nangolo came to the table where these people were seated, and he begun to insult them…………
    There is probably a psychiatry problems with the old man, or prejudce and other negative past experiences with Ugandans by this old man.

  10. Was that official drunk we need to establish the circumstances before judgment is done
    let the country mothers tell us what,why all these happened.
    otherwise,God forgive all us.especially Africans because we tend to respect colors.

  11. Uganda should demand for proper investigations into this matter. The way this story goes, its as if Ya Nongolo started from the blue and started throwing insults at the Ugandan MPs. It is difficult to accept that an old man of his age, and a diplomat at that could behave so unreasonably without a cause. I suspect that there is more than meets the eye for now and I can neither blame Ya Nonogolo nor the Uganda delegation, until we get to the root of this scuffle.

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