Police Examines Piglets For “terrorism-related material”

The piglet "incursion" is seen as a serious security breach by Uganda's authorities
The piglet “incursion” is seen as a serious security breach by Uganda’s authorities

Two piglets are being examined by the Uganda Police for “terrorism-related material” after being let loose in parliament by anti-corruption protesters.

The animals were daubed in the colours of the governing party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) with slogans alleging MPs are corrupt.

Two protesters are in custody awaiting trial following the incident earlier this week in the capital Kampala.

Several police on duty at the time were suspended over the security breach.

They face charges of neglect of duty, spokeswoman Polly Namaye told AFP news agency.

As for the piglets, she said it was “standard practice” to test for terrorism-related material as “there could have been another motive other than a protest”.

The security forces are on alert over fears of terrorist attacks, not least due to Uganda’s military involvement in Somalia in support of the UN-backed government against the Islamist al-Shabab group.

The protesters, Robert Mayanja and Norman Tumuhimbise, face charges of criminal trespass, conspiracy to sneak piglets into parliament and interrupting parliament work.

The two, who call themselves “the jobless brotherhood network”, accuse lawmakers of corruption and extravagant spending.

Uganda has come in for criticism, too, from international donors over allegations of corruption.

7 thoughts on “Police Examines Piglets For “terrorism-related material”

  1. I would not be disturbed by this nuisance by the Ugandan Police when they come out and claim that the piglets were wearing bomb vests and were about to blow up the M.Pigs!!

  2. They should live the innocent animals alone! Instead they should be examining the M.Pigs for corruption related material.

  3. It is rightly to protest and these young men have only expressed their grievance. It is not political, attack on security BUT frustration of unemployment. The problem we have our government has ignored its duties to put structures in place that allows employment opportunities. Rather they have looked on individualism as a way of employment. You can see people in business as an option on of employment without government support. However, Mukwano was supported to built a mall at Kisementi. It is a duty for the government to provide employment opportunities to its citizen. Unemployment has got detrimental effects which can result to poor health, corruption, security. Please let the boys go home. Also listen to their feelings and provide them with employment. Last people are feed of corruption that makes Ugandans as foreigners in our birth country. All we see is select people getting rich and rich without evidence how they have earned the money BUT!!!

  4. Those pigs smell much better than those sleepy old semi- educated MPs yes men and woman.

  5. Our government is running away from their duties by using piglet as terrorism. All politicians owns duty of serving their people but not persecuting them because they voice their opinion. Suppressing people by might power and torture does not work. Examples boer put Mandela in prison for 27trs, Arabs are facing peoples’ protest, gaddafi ruled 42yrs and where is he? And Martin Luther said he had a dream and in 2008 Obama became first black as president in White House. You can’t win over peoples’ opinion. We wanna progress we have to embrace peoples’ ideas

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