Salvador Gets International Manager

Like it has been for top local musicians in the country, local based comedians have also started to have managers that will be managing their international gigs.

Salvador Indringi
Salvador Indringi

Patrick Idringi whose stage name is Salvador will now be internationally managed by Grajoh Talent Management that is owned by Johnson Mujungu, a UK based Ugandan.

Johnson is the manager behind Africa’s reining queen of comedy Anne Kansiime’s tremendous success in the past few years.

Patrick Idringi Salvado grew up with engineering dreams and took it upon himself to achieve them. But at school classmates would praise his great sense of humor. It was then that he realized he had another calling as a comedian, although even then, it was more of a pastime, not a vocation.

He’s among the few celebrated comedians in Uganda who are enjoying the good deeds in making people laugh.

He is also the most travelled comedian in Uganda and East Africa as a whole.

He has represented Uganda in Countries like Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, USA, UK, South Africa and many more.

He is among the founding members of the Crackers comedy group that consists of various comedians like Alex Muhangi, Don Kazooba, MC Kapale, Dicanio and many more.

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