Watch out, that sweet flavour could kill you

tasty flavour would kill you
tasty flavour would kill you

Busy lifestyle and rapid industrialisation have boosted the food industry, widening the range of processed foods available in our supermarkets.

Be it frozen potato wedges or cured meats and fish, a huge number is said to be loaded with dangerous food additives that create havoc on your health.

These additives can affect your health, increase your risk of heart problems, circulatory and nervous disorders and cancer.

Local food shoppers may have to be more careful on what they pick for their families as new evidence shows some additives previously thought to be safe are actually dangerous to human health.

Specifically, the Ministry of Health says some previously thought to be safe additives in processed foods sold locally could after all be bad for human consumption.

Mr Robert Kilonzo; a food quality and safety expert at the ministry of Health on Tuesday said local and international groups have reached a consensus that three popular additives; Brilliant Blue, Chlorine dioxide and Formic acid be banned in food processing.

If effected, the ban which is under discussion, could affect thousands of products in the local market including maize and wheat flours, confectioneries and beverages.

Brilliant Blue is a popular food dye used to give attractive colours to dairy products such as yoghurt, in sweets and flavoured drinks. Some studies have linked the consumption of the dye to hyperactivity and skin rashes.

The US Environmental Protection Agency lists Brilliant Blue among compounds linked to cancer. Formic acid is another food additive used to flavour juices, energy and sports drinks and ice creams but said to be highly corrosive and a possible cause for allergies.

The third food additive on the chopping block Kilonzo says is Chlorine dioxide, which is used to bleach flour to make it whiter. It is also used in disinfecting drinking water.

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