8 Reasons Why You’re Still Single…You Must Read 3 & 4

A couple on a night out
A couple on a night out

In the world, there are seven billion people. Half of them are male and the other half are female. Probably, among the fishes in the ocean, you are asking yourself: “Why can’t I catch even one?” So, let’s start to identify the problems, and once you know, try to remove and dump them!

#1 Mt. Everest Standards
Like the mountain, the peak of it is difficult to reach. Remember that they are also people not demigods. If you want to find him/her, don’t look in the sky, try to search on land.

#2 Rom-Com Fanatics
You think that true love waits and destiny itself will find the way for the two of you to meet and to be together. It MIGHT be possible but PROBABLY not. If you want to see him/her, go out and explore. Don’t just wait in a corner of your house… and remember that half of the population is your RIVAL!

#3 You’re Not Ready To Settle / Scared Of Commitment
You’re too scared to commit/enter a relationship. You want to experience it and yet you are never prepared for it.

#4 You’re Looking For Mr /Miss Perfect
Nobody is perfect, even you, you are not perfect. This is just a commercial term being imposed by movie makers to attract viewers – it’s all about FICTION. Everyone has flaws. If you insist that believe be ready to be single FOREVER.

#5 You Don’t Have The Initiative
Don’t wait. Do something about it. Show your intention and express your feeling. Nothing will happen without doing anything. A relationship is formed through mutual efforts—it’s a two-way process.

#6 You Keep A Checklist
Looking for your soul mate is not like a position in a company. There should not be a JOB DESCRIPTION and QUALIFICATIONS.

#7 You’re Too Much To Handle
Men like women who are vulnerable sometimes, like a damsel in distress. They want to be your knight and shining armor that you can lean and depend on. They don’t like a SUPERWOMAN who can literally do everything!

#8 Mirror, Mirror
At last, try to go in front of the mirror and look at your reflection. And definitely you will find the answer WHY YOU’RE STILL SINGLE!

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