Alaka’s Baby Mama Expecting 4th Child

This might not come as good news for singing diva Jackie Chandiru.

Alaka and Manuli at their introduction
Alaka and Manuli at their introduction

Latest is that her on and off lover city lawyer Caleb Alaka is set to become a father again.

This is after it was discovered that his baby mama and on and off lover Linda Namuli is expecting the pair’s fourth child and could drop a tot anytime from now.

According to sources, Linda is heavy and rumour suggests that Alaka is responsible for her bulging belly. However, Linda and Namule have been keeping the pregnancy a top secret known only to them and their closet pals and it is the reason she has been holed up at her Namugongo based apartment.

Alaka was said to have abandoned the ‘Gold digger’ singer’s home in Ntinda months back to stay with Linda and the kids in Namugongo.

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  1. I always wondered why Jackie Chandiru, a young, energetic, vibrant and active woman w’d be suffering from heart problems all the time. Not long ago, we were compelled to donate some liquid cash so as for her raise some unspecified amount of money so she c’d have heart surgery in India. Now this article has given me a clue to as why her heart aches non stop

  2. whn u put yo stance too high.. thts what u get. Jackie get yo ka campuser n pimp him to what u him to be…

  3. This lady’s name keeps undergoing metamorphosis or is it an evolution trend- Namuli, Namule and then Manuli!!!

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