Fans Sting Dan Flavor For Leaking Ex Girlfriend’s Nude Pictures

Forever upcoming artiste Dan Flavor is feeling the wrath of his fans after he  leaked his ex girlfriend’s nude pictures.


A few weeks ago, Dan Flavor leaked nude pictures of Faridah Cisse Kumba on social media.

Source close to Dan Flavor have revealed that  he leaked the pictures because Kumba was in a romantic relationship with  renowned city  bar hopper Don Richie Kats.

Dan Flavor was on Monday blasted by fans at the Kampala road based night spot Hi Table.

“Instead of singing he was there abusing Ken of Team No Sleep. I am tired of him,” charged one of his fans.


“Dan grow up and stop stealing people’s phones and side mirrors,” another fan posted on Facebook.

Snoops at Hi Table told Red Pepper online that Dan was booed until he left the stage.

4 thoughts on “Fans Sting Dan Flavor For Leaking Ex Girlfriend’s Nude Pictures

  1. Nude pictures of women on social media seems to be the new craze hitting Uganda right about now !! The only problem is……..All these naked babes look arid, very unhealthy and not appetising at all. Optical nutrition is zero……..cover up women !

    1. This seems to be the only outlet for some of them to grab attention and restart their careers

      1. They shd try other sane avenues….eg doing charity work, volunteering at hospitals etc , Am sure all this can give them enough media coverage

  2. Waht one does not understand is that ONLY THE UGLY ONES are the ones running over each otherto post their Pics, No Brains in their Heads at all, may be some little porridge!

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