HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES: Juice FM’s Arthur, Fille An Item

If the world could switch the past to be the present, City Events MC Edwin Katamaba well known as MC Kats would get a shock of his life because of Fille Mutoni’s past relationships.

Juice FM's Arthur Bantu with Fille Mutoni
Juice FM’s Arthur Bantu with Fille Mutoni

Back in High School, Fille was selling like a hot cake and even blows would be traded on a daily basis by horny dudes because of her juicy body and beauty.

Sources have now revealed that the chubby Fille and Juice FM’s Arthur Bantu were the hottest couple at Standard High School Zanna in 2008

“They were all over each other like a newlywed couple. They even used to dodge classes in an effort to be near each other. Their love was over the bar,” the source described the then situation.

Since too much of anything is always bad, Fille and Arthur’s love did not last.

The beginning of the end of a two year relationship started when Chameleone’s brother AK 47 joined Standard High School Zanna in 2008.

Being Chameleone’s brother, every hot gal at school would fall for his pick up lines that he used to throw at them.

Fille also fell in AK 47’s trap and Arthur was left heartbroken since his love for Fille was at infinity.

Fille in her high School days
Fille in her high School days

Fille did not only fall into AK47’s trap, she also dated kazira Peterson, Kisston and Muganzi Charles.(All were students of Standard High School Zanna)

When contacted for a comment, Juice FM’s Arthur Bantu refuted the allegations.

“Fille and I were just friends and there was no intimacy but most of students used to think that we were lovers.”

Fille is now in a relationship with her Manager Edwin Katamba well known as MC kats.

Arthur Bantu is a presenter at the Namave based 103.4 Juice FM. He presents the Afternoon Beat Show.

A group of young boys that once dated Fille Mutoni
A group of young boys that once dated Fille Mutoni
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