Kenzo Gets New Manager

Big talent boss Eddy Kenzo has hired a new manager after he got international exposure due to his creative videos; Sitya Loss and Jambole that have gone viral on YouTube.

Eddy Kenzo
Eddy Kenzo

Sources have revealed that Kenzo will be under Grajoh Talent Management group that is owned by UK based Ugandan Johnson Mujungu.

Johnson Mujungu is a personal manager to Anne Kansiime and international manager to Uganda’s reining king of Comedy Patrick Salvador Idringi.

Kenzo who is currently in the US because of his Sitya Loss and Jambole videos will now secure more international gigs since Johnson Mujungu is well known for his excellent Public Relations skills.

Eddy Kenzo was born in Masaka District.

He lost his mother at the age of 5 and would go on to live a street life for 13 years.

After high school, he adopted his stage name Eddy Kenzo and began writing music. In 2008, he featured in popular song “Yanimba” by Mikie Wine.

His breakthrough came in 2010, when the song “Stamina” drew a mass attention and was used by the President of Uganda as the theme song in his presidential campaign.

He released the album Ogenda Kunzisa in 2012. In 2013, released Kamunguluze and toured the USA.

His song “Sitya Loss” became his most popular song to date, and a video of Ugandan boys dancing to the song went viral.

Its success led to launching a petition to have the boys featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Kenzo released the album Sitya Loss in May 2014.

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