Man Murders Wife Over Nagging

An elderly man in Moroto district has surrendered to the Uganda People’s Defense Forces detachment after assaulting and killing his wife.
Lowoton ( in red shirt) stands near his wife's body opposite their hut
Lowoton ( in red shirt) stands near his wife’s body opposite their hut
84-old Komangiro Lowoton, a resident of Lobunet village in Rupa Sub County allegedly beat up his 50-year-old wife Lokol Ikwale to death on Tuesday night because she was a nag.Preliminary investigations indicate that the couple had a disagreement before Ikwale met her death.

It is alleged that the deceased has been nagging her husband over his brother in law who died a decade ago. She did this whenever she would get drunk.
On Tuesday, Ikwale got tipsy with her daughters and started the same talk but Komangiro asked them to stop in vain. As a result, he picked up a stick and hit Ikwale on the head leaving her unconscious.
Komangiro Lowoton suspected having killed his wife, guarded by soldiers sniffs tobacco
Komangiro Lowoton suspected having killed his wife, guarded by soldiers sniffs tobacco

The family attempted to revive her without success. The Karimojong believe in the kiss of life. After making various attempts to resuscitate Ikwale in vain, Komangiro walked to the nearby UPDF detachment and handed in himself that night.

He was later handed over by the army to the police. Rose Azicia, the acting officer in charge of the crime desk at Moroto central Police station says investigations into the incident are ongoing.
She condemned the murder saying this is an issue that could have been handled by the clan.
Dr. Moses Okwir, who conducted the autopsy at Moroto referral hospital, says Ikwale died of intra-cranial hemorrhage-closed bleeding in the brain following head trauma. He adds that the deceased was hit several times on the head.

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  1. That man shoukd go for mental examination before trial.but the fact that he handed himself to the authority means he knew what he was doing

  2. No violence to women. We are all equal and it is action of ignorance for a man or woman to kill their paterners for something that can be talked over. None should lose their life just because he or she has made a mistake. Who is perfect and what gives men right to assault their wives without being held accounted for?

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