Oulanyah: Lack of Research Affecting Parliamentary Debate

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah
Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah

Uganda’s Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah has warned that lack of research amongst Members of Parliament is affecting the quality of debate in what he referred to as a huge parliament.

Oulanyah was addressing journalists at Parliament this afternoon about his two-week journey to Germany and France. The Omoro County MP told journalists that to address the poor quality of debate in the House, he proposed that parties submit names of MPs who would be selected to speak to the Speaker beforehand, an idea he said was rejected by Parliament’s Business Committee.

The Business committee determines the order of business in the House.
Oulanyah says because of the quality of debate he nolonger reads the Hansard, the official record of Parliamentary proceedings. He noted that MPs miss the big picture because in the debates they are so political saying that it is only politics that does not require research.

Oulanyah blamed the media for ridiculing and criticizing his proposal to the business committee on how MPs should debate by quoting him as suppressing debate in Parliament. Previously media reports indicated that in the 9th Parliament, 34 MPs have spoken less than five times on the floor of the House in the last two years while another 105 had contributed less than 15 times to debates.

The same report indicated that 34 female MPs contributed to debate less than 15 times in the first two sessions of the 9th Parliament.

Oulanyah now says that Ugandans are over represented in the House and this is affecting the quality of debate since MPs speak to be seen by their constituencies.

On the interactions he had on his two weeks visit in Europe, Oulanyah revealed that he was confronted about the Anti-Homosexuality Act assented to by President Yoweri  Museveni early early this year, the UPDF’s deployment into South Sudan and investment opportunities in Uganda.

4 thoughts on “Oulanyah: Lack of Research Affecting Parliamentary Debate

  1. Talk of junk !!. The NRM caucus decides the bulk of the decisions, punishing those with alternative views.

  2. This is the truth and to many it is a hard pill to swallow. Four points were truly analysed. We have seen and said that too many MPS, most luck knowledge what is needed of them and politics dominates parliament rather than social development. It is a high time MPS start discuss what matters to common people education,health care,employment,housing and transport. MPS should start discuss how to build our country should put political parties aside and should call a spade a spade. Pleasing people keeps us down any representative with resentment because being told off should step down.

  3. It is lack of integrity and not simply the lack of research and independence compounded by poor prioritization that is affecting parliamentary work. Lack of research is simply a symptom.

  4. MPs emulate Italians who are always guided by their Latin Proverb:”Mutates Mutandes” meaning do the First things First always if development is to take shape.Too many MPs to do nothing safe taking the National Money free on Work done.

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