Pope Francis, Winnie Byanyima In Campaign Against Inequality

Winnie Byanyima (R) meeting Pope Francis
Winnie Byanyima (R) meeting Pope Francis

Uganda’s Winnie Byanyima who is also the Director of Oxfam International on Saturday met with Pope Francis, a meeting in which the two discussed ways on how to end  inequality.

The historic meeting that took place at the Vatican was the first between Byanyima and the Pontiff she is now the only Ugandan to have met two different Popes. Her first with Pope John Paul.

Byanyima who is also wife to Dr Kiiza Besigye, the former president of Uganda’s main opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) was noticeably excited about the meeting which she shared on micro-blogging site twitter.

“Honored to give His Holiness Pope Francis invitation of Oxfam to campaign together to end extreme inequality” Winnie tweeted via @Winnie_Byanyima

Accompanied by her son Anselm, Winnie who had lunch with the Pontiff invited the Holy See on behalf of Oxfam to be part of the campaign to make extreme inequality a thing of the past.

Winnie Byanyima (R), her son Anselm (2nd R), Nigeria Finance Minister @NOIweala & Nobel Laureate @mohammadyunus
Winnie Byanyima (R), her son Anselm (2nd R), Nigeria Finance Minister @NOIweala & Nobel Laureate @mohammadyunus

Oxfam is an International humanitarian agency and development charity and is operational  in 94 countries world wide.

Pope Francis warned against reducing the human person to economic an agent driven by self interest.

He added “When the human person isn’t at the centre, another thing is put at centre, which the human being has to serve”

He also called on the international agency to resist the “culture that discards” and to put people and their well being at the core of economic life.


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  1. Byanyima come and fight from home, we Need you more than those outside our Country, why Export such Courage? Please come home

  2. The gap is wider when it comes to inequality. Any tackle to reduce inequality in health is highly welcome. It is high time someone with political connection is lobbying other institution like Vatican or catholic to help us. It depressing when politicians talk about investment without knowing it can not work unless the people have access to basic need

  3. Remember we ar obliged to mke a world a Unity and a Family with God and is Son and the Holy Spirit to make the wrld a beter place tolive in .Byanyima well done for all efforts put i to fight the nequalities.

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