What is ‘Chewing’ Cotilda Inapo?

The rate at which comedian Cotilda Inapo is losing weight is becoming a controversy among her fans.

Cotilda Inapo
Cotilda Inapo

The latest photos of Cotilda that Red Pepper online has landed on show that one of Uganda’s finest female comedians has terribly lost weight.

Early this year Cotilda made headlines when she decided to go bald for unknown reasons.

Reasons for her weight loss are well known to herself but according to science, weight is loss largely due to stress, Serious Exercises, illness and malnutrition.

The 25 year old standup comedian went to Gayaza High school, Namugongo Secondary School for ‘O’ and ‘A’ level respectively and then Makerere University where she did a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

She started her professional Comedy career in 2009. She attributes her success to crackers comedy group that was based at theatre Labonita.

She currently performs at Laftaz comedy lounge and she is the brain behind the monthly queens of comedy show

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  1. Surprisingly, as the rest of her body gets thinner, her mouth gets bigger…….This is cause of serious alarm !!

  2. Leave the girl alone. You are seriously misinformed if you think losing weight is unhealthy. The benefits of weight loss are incalculable & include a healthier heart, reduced cholesterol, reduced risks of strokes, heart attacks, diabetes etc. Please report responsibly.

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