What is ‘Eating’ Aziz Azion?

It is not clear whether Aziz Azion is now a university student because the rate at which he is losing weight is like that of campus students who claim to be making ‘campus figure’ yet it’s a result of malnutrition.

Aziz Performing at pebbles bar
Aziz Performing at pebbles bar last week on friday

Our Eagle eyed snoops bumped into the Oxygen singer at Bugolobi based pebbles bar where he had gone to perform.

As they say, if you are thin, hang around fat people. Aziz was in a company of energetic and fat guys who were sipping soda and water throughout the night.

“I barely recognized him not until they called him on stage. He has lost weight and has over grown hair,” said the snoop.

Aziz Azion has been off the social scene since he has not released a hit song this year.

The reason for Aziz Azion’s weight loss remains a matter of controversy among his fans though we can reveal that poor feeding, stress, exercises and diseases highly contribute to weight loss.

Some of the artistes who have drastically lost weight include; Weasel, Radio, Pretty Glo and many more.


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