AG Nyombi: Andrew Karamagi Grabbed My Speech

Attorney General Peter Nyombi yesterday took to the dock at Buganda Road Court and testified against lawyer Andrew Karamagi, who allegedly grabbed his speech during the New Law Year function at the Kampala High Court.

AG Peter Nyombi
AG Peter Nyombi

In his testimony in chief, Nyombi told court that the actions of Karamagi grabbing his speech on January 31 this year, annoyed and embarrassed him in public.

Nyombi who is having a hard time with the lawyers under their umbrella body the Uganda Law Society, narrated to court presided over by Simon Kintu of how the events unfolded on that day.

He told court that while he was addressing judges and senior judicial officers, his alleged attacker approached him from behind and murmured into his ears words that he didn’t get well.

Nyombi, 60, said that at first he thought the youthful lawyer had something urgent or important to tell him but instead he grabbed his speech from the podium and then walked away leaving him wondering whether he was a lunatic or not.

Mr Karamagi being taken into custody after he grabbed the Attorney General’s speech at High Court in Kampala (Monitor Photo)
Mr Karamagi being taken into custody after he grabbed the Attorney General’s speech at High Court in Kampala (Monitor Photo)

The chief legal government adviser added that the security officers including the Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Andrew Felix Kaweesi who were also present at the function, intercepted Karamagi and took him to the Central Police Station (CPS).

Nyombi further stated that he was later told by Kaweesi that this was a calculated move by Karamagi and his yet to be identified accomplices to either embarrass or annoy him in public.

As he testified, his alleged attacker was in the opposite court dock staring at him.

Prosecution alleges that on January 31 at High Court premises in Kampala, without law authority, Karamagi grabbed a written speech from AG Nyombi thereby causing annoyance to the victim.

The state further alleges that this act by Karamagi was an inconvenience to the public that was listening to the AG’s speech.

The grabbing of Nyombi’s speech came at the time when Nyombi and the lawyers’ body were are at logger heads.

This was after the law society had decided to suspend Nyombi for having among others, allegedly misadvised President Museveni on a number of controversial issues including the re-appointment of retired Justice Benjamin Odoki as Chief Justice and also the appointment of Gen Aronda Nyakairima, a serving army officer, as Minister of Internal Affairs without first resigning.

The hearing of the case continues on August 26.

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