Bobi Wine Distances Self From Flopped Charity Concert

Self proclaimed ghetto president Bobi Wine has distanced himself from the flopped charity concert that was held at Hotel African over the weekend

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine

“I want to make it clear to the General Public and particularly the Media that the show which was held at Africana Last Friday Was NOT my show,” said Bobi Wine on social media.

Empty seats at Bobi Wine's charity concert
Empty seats at Bobi Wine’s charity concert

He further said that; “That Charity Show was organised by and For SAVE THE CHILDREN. The Everyone campaign by Save the children involved a number of Musicians that included Me, Jose Chameleon, Radio and Weasel, Judith Babirye, Rhema, Julie Mutesasira, David Lutalo and the rest. Having sung a song as a team and attended a show by save the children doesn’t make it my show.”

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  1. Don’t yall read news? yuh wonder he dinna claim show? ya? His bo ridin awa in a Toyota Harrier – NEW

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