Cotilda Fired From Galaxy FM

Troubled and fast fading comedian Cotilda Inapo has been fired from Galaxy FM.

Cotilda Inapo
Cotilda Inapo

Sources at Galaxy FM have revealed that Cotilda was no longer funny and hence unproductive at the station.

Absenteeism without official communication was also among the reasons to why she was fried from the Kansanga based station.

She has been co hosting the morning show with Maria T and fellow comedian Afande Kelekele.

Cotilda has been replaced with Urban TV Scoop on Scoop presenter Mary Luswata.

In a space of two weeks, Cotilda has been facing a lot of problems like the terrible weight loss and frustration due to low turn-up at her monthly queens of comedy show.

Sources have further revealed that she is even not in good terms with her bosses at the centenary park based Laftaz Comedy group.

The 25 year old standup comedian went to Gayaza High school, Namugongo Secondary School for ‘O’ and ‘A’ level respectively and then Makerere University where she did a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

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