English Club To Sign Gulu Student

Kipper Luwalo, a senior one student of St Joseph’s College Layibi in Gulu district will in January next year join Brentford FC academy in the United Kingdom to pursue a career in football.
Luwalo who will be making 16 next month was spotted by Brentford FC head of Coaching, Stuart English, during his visit to Uganda last year.

Stuart spent two weeks working with coaches and players in Northern Uganda at a training camp where he helped coach some of the region’s youngsters.

When the youngster made it for trials in February this year both Brentford FC, a League One outfit in the English third-tier competition, were impressed by Luwalo’s game.

According to Calvin Okello, the Gulu United youth wing Coordinator, Luwalo impressed both the coaches and the technical committee of the academy.

Luwalo’s parents will reportedly have an agreement with Brentford FC academy and Gulu United since he is a minor.

The youngster will also be offered a scholarship to study while in the UK. Okello says that currently there are ongoing plans to start the documentation and travel process for Luwalo.

To go for trials Kipper Luwalo was handpicked from among 80 youths because of his performance. He can play both as a striker and midfielder.

Gulu United management spotted the same boy while he was playing for his primary school in Gulu and has since been an outstanding talent.

On Brentford’s website recently, Coach English Stuart noted that from day one Luwalo was calm and great 1-on-1, with a good change of pace.

He said the teenager worked hard off the ball and considering he was one of the younger players in his group, he always stood out.

Gulu United and Federation of Uganda Football association (FUFA) will handle his transfer and status in the football world according to Okello.

Gulu United intends to set up a football academy to build football in northern Uganda and also explore talents of the children who will later develop to be good footballers.

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