Ex Miss Uganda Bizzu Parades Zungu Dude

Former Miss Uganda beauty pageant crown holder Phiona Bizzu seems to have learned a few things from her close association with the city’s top socialites like Sylvia Owori and Judith heard as far as dating goes.


For months, it was rumoured that Bizzu was worryingly close to a yet to be identified zungu dude.

The babe finally paraded her zungu dude on Saturday evening at Lugogo Indoor Stadium during the Turn it up party featuring DJ Headache.

Clad in white top with black stripes and a brown skirt, Bizzu arrived at the party hand in hand with her dude wearing a grey shirt and faded black jeans.

However, when the pepperazzi appeared, the dude pulled back allowing Bizzu to pose for pictures.

Minutes later, the smitten pair was seen taking seats in the VIP section where they had a table reserved.

“Bizzu seems smitten by the dude as the two spent the entire evening whispering and getting touchy-feely” reveals an eyewitness.

2 thoughts on “Ex Miss Uganda Bizzu Parades Zungu Dude

  1. So what if she’s got herself some geriatric white man? Do we deserve to be bored out of
    our collective minds with this rubbish? Is it worthy of a news item, even in a paper like the Red Pepper? Come on guys, Africans when are we ever going to stop foolishly ingratiating ourselves to every white tom dick and harry? No wonder every other race holds us in such contempt. Can you imagine, a former Miss Uganda shaming us all by choosing to bunk up with this hairy pensioner just because he happens to be white?!Shame shame shame!!!! If news about our feckless Ugandan girls were to become widely known in Europe, then every unwashed white tramp, riff-raff, wino and druggie will be saving up and making a beeline for Entebbe

    1. What the hell does geriatric White man mean? oh my got mbu riff-raff, wino and druggie eeeeh beeline Why all these insults? Do we really have to expose our negative thinking like you are doing this way and find it right compared to her? ate era gwe watch out, how can you say mbu if News would become widely known in Europe.. I think you are less aware

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