No Budget For New UPDF Recruits

The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces—UPDF budgeted for everything else except their new recruits into the force in this financial year.

Budget estimates from the Ministry of Defence forwarded to the Ministry of Finance and later approved figures in the 2014/2015 budget have no allocations towards the wages and catering costs of 3000 new recruits that joined the army during last year’s recruitment drive.

The new combatants who require up to 14 billion shillings for their stay in the UPDF will have to wait for responses from the ministries of finance and public service before they can be put on the wage budget of the force.

The loophole emerged while UPDF was appearing before the defence committee on Thursday and responding to queries from legislators on the committee.

The Joint Chief of Staff, Major General Wilson Mbadi, told the parliamentary committee on Defence that the Ministry of Defence had written to Public Service and Finance over the matter and are waiting for their responses.

The UPDF this year got an extra 50.7 billion shillings to cater for an increase in wages of soldiers.

The army in September last year went on a recruitment drive where they took on 3000 recruits. The recruits who have been undergoing training at various UPDF training schools were passed out into the army in July this year.

Emails to the ministry of finance for a comment on the matter went unanswered.

As part of the UPDF budget this year, the recruits were supposed to receive wages of up to 14 billion shillings in total.

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