Residents Intercepted In Attempt To Lynch Colleague

As the anti gay bill is now the new law in the constitution of the Republic
of Uganda, people seem not scared of the vice as day by day they are
continuing to commit the same act.

The case in point is that of Brian Kayiita aged 28 years resident of
Bweyogerere Kira Division in Wakiso District who was nabbed red handed by
the area residents practicing the immoral act of homosexuality with a
colleague only identified as Musa Sajjabbi.

The angry stick yielding residents were intercepted by police who
immediately stopped them from killing the suspects and were later taken to
Kira Police station.

According to the eye witness, the residents had heard of the rumor about
the nasty vice going on in the area amongst their children but were
reluctant to find out since they had never held caught anyone red-handed.
“We recently held a meeting here in the village and decided that since the
law is now in existence, whoever is arrested is dealt with according since

Kira Divisional Police commander confirmed the act but was hesitant to
comment saying that the information he had was still scanty. He said that
Investigations into the matter have kick-started and will be produced in
the courts of law as soon as they are complete.

Information reaching our desk reveals  that the suspect
reportedly went missing from the police cells and police has now mounted a
search for him to face the long arm of the law

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