Uncertainity At Kfm, Dembe FM As Aga Khan Ponders Sale

KfmThere is an air of tentative at Namuwongo based radio stations Kfm and Dembe FM after word has started leaking of how businessman Aga Khan is contemplating selling off over bad business.

Presenters especially the lot that was passed on from the Patrick Bitature sell of Luganda broadcasting Dembe who are now not sure of getting lucky twice.

According to sources the two radio stations have been struggling with advertisement revenue still very low. Well, at least according to Aga Khan standards.

We hear while Kfm records around shs120 million in advertisement revenue every month, Dembe FM is doing rather badly at just over shs50 million

“To Aga Khan, this is just peanuts. It is unacceptable,” said a source to entertainment website Xclusive.

The Aga Khan has already dispose off his other not so profitable business here; Air Uganda.

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